Infections like respiratory infection, sexually transmitted disease, ear infection, pneumonia, strep throat, tonsillitis, middle ear infections and skin infections can also be treated with this medication.

More information is available on the internet and you may find the information of FAQ helpful. It is an FDA approved medicine therefore available in almost all the online stores as well as over the counter.

How does Zithromax / Azithromycin work?

Certain types of protein synthesis are responsible for the growth and spread of bacteria. Azithromycin works by inhibiting the protein synthesis hence the bacteria do not get sufficient nutrition to grow and spread.

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Patients using this drug may experience some mild to moderate side effects such as nausea, lethargy, drowsiness, vomiting, vaginal itching and mild skin rashes. Once the body adapts the medication the side effects will disappear eventually. If the symptoms are persistent then make sure it is discussed with your doctor. Overdose can also cause some serious side effects or reactions and they are bloody diarrhea, chest pain, persistent nausea, irregular heartbeat, and jaundice. Acquire emergency medical help if any of these symptoms are observed in the patient.

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Guidelines before taking Zithromax

Zithromax should be taken as it has been recommended by the pharmacist. Do not discontinue or change the dosages without any medical supervision. If the patient is suffering from liver disorders, kidney diseases and cardiac problems then it should be reported to the doctor. Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients on the label clearly indicates that the patient should avoid taking this medicine. If you want to avoid the threat of drug interaction then make sure to inform your physician regarding your other medications (if any). You should not drive or perform any heavy duties after taking the drug. There is no record that Zithromax affects the fetus but to be on the safe side pregnant women should consult with the health care practitioner. Nursing mothers should take the drug only if it is clearly indicated.

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What are the common dosages of Zithromax?

The dosages should be determined by a qualified doctor. You can buy Zithromax in 250mg and 500mg tablets. Oral suspension is also available is mostly recommended to the children.

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Difference between Brand Zithromax and Generic Azithromycin

The main difference is in the name of the manufacturers but in terms of active ingredients and effectiveness the two formulations are almost same. Brand Zithromax and Generic Azithromycin differ in packaging, pricing and formation.